Movie time!!

I was waiting for the day of this meeting, the other day was movie day. Watching movies is one of the things I like to do the most and I loved doing it with my classmates.

We met at Anni’s house, we prepared popcorn and chips to watch the movie, but as always, we ate almost everything before the movie haha ​​started. We had some other problem to find the movie in Spanish with subtitles in English, but after a while we got to see it.

The movie we chose was Coco, it’s a cartoon movie about a Mexican boy who wants to be a musician, but his family hates music and they forbid it. As a result of that, a series of very funny and beautiful things happen that I recommend you to see. (I do not want to reveal anything)

Due to the lack of time and how long it took us to start, we could not finish seeing it. Even so, I have seen it and I recommend it to everyone. It has helped us to know a little more about the Mexican culture, something that interests us also because in the group there is a Mexican girl.

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