It is so amazing that we can enjoy this special festival with all of my good friends.I remember that I was on the bus,I found that Jenny send me the message to this festival,but I am just on my way to the place that is very excited !you know that the city was decorated with all kinds of light which are so beautiful when the night falls down,just like the Haven in my mind.

I have to say that  it is amazing to see such many people in Tampere came together and watching the show.I really like the singer here,but I do not know him,his voice was wonderful,I really like him.But the most important is to see the firework.

with the music ,the firework went up to the sky,and bloomed,how nice it is ,I have already saw too many spectacular firework in China ,but this time I am not  in China ,it really reminds me of my best friends in China ,so it makes me really impressive.I have to say that it is the most beautiful firework I have ever seen during my life!

after the firework ,we finally meet again,it is very difficult to find one person in such a group of people near the river,we hang out around the city,just went go sightseeing for the beautiful light in the street,and we took some picture .

we choose to go home ,about an hours later,because it is too cold outside and we only have a little clothes on ,so we just decided where to meet next time,I have to say ,it is really amazing!


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