Learning food vocabulary

For our fourth meeting we decided to meet in Sam’s place, we bought some snacks and Emilio brought a Mexican sauce called “Valentina”, this is a sauce that we always add in our food back in Mexico, it is a little bit spicy but delicious. It was a really nice idea to bring this sauce because with this our friends had the opportunity to taste something Mexican, for our surprise Sam had a spicier sauce. We had fun trying both sauces while our mouths were burning.

We decided to learn vocabulary related to food this time, Jon and I were the people in charge to write all the vocabulary in Spanish with the translation in German, I also had lots of fun because Jon has different vocabulary in Spanish for some food so we were laughing about the different words that we use for the same thing.

It was a really complete learning session; we learned vocabulary for fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. We wrote them and after we read them, making sure that we were saying the words with the correct pronunciation.  As it is a large vocabulary we will need a lot of personal study,  these are just some words of all the ones that we learnt:

Fruit – La fruta – Die Frucht

🍎La Manzana – der Apfel

🍌El Plátano – die Banane

🍓La Fresa – die Erdbeere

🍈El Melón – die Melone

Vegetables – la Verdura – Das Gemüse

🥦El Brócoli – der Broccoli

🥕La Zanahoria – die Karotte

🥔La Papa / Patata – die Kartoffel

🌶El Pimiento – die Peperoni

Meat – La Carne – Das Fleisch

🐖Pork – El Cerdo – das Schwein

🐄Beef – La Vaca /Ternera (for small beef) – das Rind

🦃Turkey – El pavo – der Truthahn

Dairy Products- Los Lácteos / El Lácteo – Die Milchprodukte /Das Milchprodukt

🥚Egg – El Huevo – das Ei

🧀Cheese – El queso – der Käse

🥛Milk- La leche – die Milch

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