Meeting at Rodeo Bar

For our third meeting we decided to go to Rodeo Bar, we were very excited about going out together and try a place like this for our meeting and at the end everything worked really well. We could have fun, have some drinks and at the same time learn useful phrases for environments like this.

We learnt basic things that we use in a bar like:  “ein (klein/gross) Bier bitte” (to ask for a beer), “wo ist das WC?” (to ask where is the toilet), “was ist dein Name” (to ask for a person’s name) ,” kannst du Spanisch sprechen?” (to ask if the person speaks Spanish), “Kann ich deine Number haben?” (to ask for the number of a person).

I think that it is good to learn things that we can actually use in our lives as young people, with all of these common and easy questions we feel prepared to go to a Swiss/German bar, and we actually practiced these questions with German speakers while we were there, which by the way was really funny.

Finally we took the opportunity to learn colors, as it was a simple topic that we could add to our meeting:


Red – rot

Blue – blau

Yellow – gelb

Brown – braun

Green – grün

White – weiss

Orange – orange

Puple – violett

Black – schwarz


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