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Pre-Christmas Party

Our last meeting was EOTO’s Pre-Christmas party at 28.11.18.

We met at TAMKOs Solu. Our usual gang was there with few extra. We played Chinese word game where game leader gives one, same word to everyone but one. Then everyone has to describe their word and after one round everyone has to guess who has the different word.

While we played, we ate some snacks and Warabi Mochi (Japanese delicacy) that Moe had made. It was quite diffrent from what I have ever tasted but quite good. I was sad to learn they don’t like salmiac 😭

(Picture from Japan

This was our last, official meeting with my dear friends but we agreed to meet outside EOTO too since we have gähad so much fun and why stop now?

This course was one of the best courses I’ve had during my 3,5 year in TAMK ❤️

Cats and coffee

Organized by Li and my other awesome Chinese friends (+one Japanese) we met at Cafe Purnauskis, which is a famous cat Cafe in Tammela. I have wanted to go there for so long but I didn’t have anyone to go there with.

We had all been busy with school and other things, so it was nice to relax for a while😊 Huang came too with her EOTO partner, Moe. Also Sisi was there too.

Cats were so cute and nice. They didn’t care about me but liked to play with Li and others. We talked a little bit about Christmas and New Year. Cui invited me and my boyfriend to spend Chinese New Year with them on February 😍

Décima quedada – The Pre-Christmas Party

Tenth and possibly the last meeting was at the Pre-Christmas Party for Each One Teach One -students. I actually started to play a game with some other exchange students, and it was really fun. We also ate Japanese Ice Cake, which was good and brought me back memories from last summer when I visited Japan.

Unfortunately, I had to leave quite early, but thanks to all who taught me a new game!

This course was really fun addition to my autumn studies this year. I learned a lot about Mexican and Spanish culture, and a little bit of Spanish as well. I hope I was able to teach even some Finnish for my Spanish group mates, at least I think they learned some cultural stuff as well. Anyways, I really enjoyed this course and can recommend it to everyone interested in different cultures and languages!

Novena quedada – Hockey Sobre Hielo

At this meeting we went to see a hockey match on Hakametsän Jäähalli.

My Spanish friends hadn’t been in one ever before, and this was only a second time for me as well. We had my boyfriend and two of his friends with us. They told me what was going on and I tried to explain to Lucia, who sat next to me. Unfortunately, others we too far away, there was a lot of noise at the arena.


Sports vocabulary

  • Hockey sobre hielo = ice hockey
  • Fútbol = soccer
  • Rugby = football
  • Baloncesto = basketball
  • Natación = swimming
  • Tenis = tennis
  • Balonmano = handball
  • Pelota = ball
  • Raqueta = racket
  • Palo = stick
  • Chándal = tracksuit
  • Bambas = sneakers
  • Bañador = swimsuit


I hope this was a nice experience for Lucia, Constanza, Monica and Georgina.

And hey, Kalpa won!

Octava quedada – Black Friday

We wanted to go shopping together and to learn some vocabulary while having fun. It’s not too much to tell about this day, we had fun and spent our money.

Some words I learned:

  • Camiseta = a shirt
  • Pantalones = trousers
  • Tejanos/vaqueros = jeans
  • Chaqueta = a jacket
  • Vestido = a dress
  • Falda = a skirt
  • Zapatos = shoes
  • Calcetines = socks

Séptima quedada – Animales at the Bunny Café

We decided to meet at a bunny café, just to have some ‘bunny therapy’ and to learn some animals in Finnish/Spanish.


The bunnies in the café were super cute and we really enjoyed hanging out with them.


The list of the animals I learned at this meeting:

  • Conejo = bunny
  • Gato = cat
  • Perro = dog
  • Fish = pez
  • Pollo = chicken
  • Pato = duck
  • Vaca = cow
  • Caballo = horse
  • Oveja = sheep
  • Oso = bear
  • Reno = reindeer
  • Rana = frog
  • Elefante = elephant
  • Leon/Leona = lion
  • Jirafa = giraffe
  • Mono = monkey

Sexta Quedada – Baking Panellets

This time we decided to bake traditional Catalan treats, Panellets. It’s common to bake them at the time of the all Hallows eve.

For the Panellets you need

  • smoothly crushed almonds
  • baked potato
  • sugar
  • for decoration:
    • almonds
    • coconut flakes

The dough is easy to make, you just need to put the same amount of all the three ingredients.

First, you’ll have to mix sugar and the crushed almonds. After that you can add the mashed potato.

  Then you can mix the dough with your hands.

We noticed that the dough had to stay in the fridge a bit before we were able to make small balls from them. So when the dough is firm enough, you can make small balls and decorate them with almonds and coconut flakes. In the traditional ones you have only one almond on top.

You can also mix some cocoa powder to the dough to make some chocolate panellets.

Bake the panellets in 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

They taste delicious!

Last Meeting

The last meeting I went to was the Each One Teach One Christmas party. It was nice to see everyone there and talk to other people about these experience and how the groups went, what they did, what they learnt. They were all very friendly. There was food and we played some games. I played Cards Against Humanity which is a pretty funny game and very dark humored which was great. I think I was one of the few people that had played the game before.

Overall I’d like to say that this whole experience was great, I’ve learned quite a lot about Finnish culture and its people. It was also really nice to new people and I hope Anni learned some Spanish too.

Eight meeting at the pre-christmas party

Our eight meeting was at the pre-christmas party at Solu. We had a long talk about cars and road conditions and everything else related to that, and even if I don’t know anything about cars I thought the discussion was very interesting. I had always been wondering why cars are able to go for example 260 km/h because obviously you can never drive that fast in Finland. But in Germany there’s usually no speed limits on the highway and you can drive as fast as you want to. That was a really cool thing to learn.  The beginning of the evening was a bit awkward since I didn’t know anyone there, but the evening turned out nice after all.

10th meeting

This Tuesday, our group and other two groups met at cats cafe together. There were 7 Each One Teach One’s members including me! We enjoyed to touch cats and to take pictures. All cats were very cute, but they didn’t care about me at all. The cats are fickle😂 Anyway, it was a good experience for me since I had never been to cats cafe.