Delicious dinner with great company (SP-GER)

Hi all! This time we decided to meet later, at 19:30 and have a delicious dinner in the restaurant Bianco (Otavalankatu 9), where you could order any kind of pasta, pizza, kebab…with free salad 😋😏at good prices!

In this meeting, we didn’t learn new aspects of German and Spanish language but talked about culture and other conversational topics. Here, we could express diverse topics for each of our countries – Mexico, Switzerland and Spain.

First of all, we talked about religion, how present it was in our countries. All of us came to the conclusion that most of the elder people (grandparents) are religious, while people from our age (20-30) or even elder people weren’t believers at all. A thing to highlight is that in Mexico religion is more present in the life of young people than in any other of our countries.

We also talked a little bit about politics: if we had a left or right-wing party, what is the maximum government authority, how government works… As for the right or left-wing, in  Mexico currently a centrist political party is governing; in Spain, after a motion of no confidence, PSOE (Spanish  Socialist Workers’ Party), a left-wing party is governing ; and in Switzerland…a very strange and special thing: there is not a unique president but a team from different parties. As I understood (correct me if I am wrong), people could choose different candidates who will/might create the government-team. That team is formed of different political parties:left, right-wing, centrist… That is because they say it is one of the best democracies of the entire world (the most approximate Direct Democracy). I found this topic really interesting and I learnt quite much!

Next time we will continue with our typical German-Spanish lessons.

We were freezing outside the restaurant because we forgot to take the picture inside 😁😁😁


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