Culture Day In Pyynikki Tower


Today we have  met Jeong and me again. Our meeting has been in Pyynikki Tower. Despite the bad weather we have had really fun as we have learnt a lot about each of us culture.

Today we have not learnt vocabulary or new phrases we have been speaking about our culture. First, we have spoken about surnames. We have had a very long discussion about this as in Spain when you born you take 2 surnames, your mum’s surname and your dad’s surname and you can put first your mum’s surname if you want. Nevertheless, in Korea and in other places in the world you take only your dad’s surname and your mother will also take her husband surname when she marries. Nonetheless, in Spain is not like this, when you marry you continue having your own surname, both the girl and the boy.  For Jeong this matter is very strange as he did not know about this but  he became very interesting in this subject and for this reason, he was  asking  me a lot of questions. He told me that is really interesting and nice the system that we use.

After this conversation, Jeong told me a particular thing about Korea. He told me that when you born, you are 1 year old as in Korea they take into account the months when you are in your mother’s gut. So he told me that in Korea I would not be 21 years old, I would be 22 years old, one year older. I got amazed when he told me this.


He also told me that they start the school when they are 7- 8 years old and for me this sounded  very strange as normally we start the school when we are 2 years old.

After this 2 long conversations we had also more conversations about different matters of our countries. I really feel that today both Jeong and me we have learnt a lot of new things about Korean and Spanish culture.


Leire Zubizarreta Barrenetxea

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