Meeting at Pizzeria Bianco (German – Spanish)

This time, we were all feeling cold and a bit hungry. The windchill led us to agree to meet in Pizzeria Bianco, near the train station. It is a decent Pizza/Kebab place that offers food for relatively cheap prices. As a student, you can get a standard pizza with a salad bar for about 9 Euros, which I find fair. I had a Quattro Stagioni, which had shrimp on it for some reason, which I don’t think is part of the traditional version.

In this meeting, we did things a bit differently, and focused on cultural aspects rather than the languages themselves. I started by quizzing my counterparts on religion, which I find very interesting, and wanted to find out if the Spanish-speaking countries are as religious as I expected them to be. From what I heard, it seems that the older generations are a lot more Catholic than the younger generations, including my friends at the table. It seemed that maybe Mexico still has more religious youth than Spain.

After that, we spoke about the politics of our countries. I explained briefly how our Swiss unique democracy works, with our 7-head government body. We also spoke about whether the conservative or progressive values were more prominent in our countries. All of us spoke about some issues and thoughts we had, which included a new airport in Mexico City that may be closed by the new president.

I found the discussion about culture and country very interesting and I learnt a lot about Spain and Mexico.

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