Mallashovi bar


On Tuesday, Jeong and me we met in Mallashovi bar. First, we played table football and then we take some drinks and we started learning and teaching new vocabulary.

I learned how to write some new basics words in Korea,  I feel really good as now I  do not see Korean as difficult as i saw it before, but still is not an easy language to learn.

After this, I taught Jeong new phrases in Spanish and I really feel that to teach and learn Spanish is much more easy than  Korean as for Jeong is really easy to speak Spanish, he can pronounce all the words perfect in this language. Nevertheless, with Korean language is the opposite.

Finally, we went to have dinner to a restaurant and we spoke about some things of each of us cultures.


I really have fun that day and I feel really satisfied as I learnt many new words in Korean.


Leire Zubizarreta Barrenetxea

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