The 31st of October

Hi! Last Wednesday, the 31st of October, we met to do something different: cooking. We tried to cook something very special on a very special day. We cooked “panellets”, some pastries usually cooked in Catalonia for Halloween. Every year Halloween is more and more common in the Catalan’s life, but the traditional “Castanyada” remains too.

So we met in the kitchen that Georgina and I have in our residence and we cooked altogether. It’s a very easy recipe: you only need some small boiled potatoes, crushed almonds and sugar (the same amount of each). Then you have to put them altogether and make some little balls. You can cover them with several “toppings” like coconut flakes, whole almonds or chocolate powder. Finally, you have to put them in the oven for 10 minutes. After cooking them, you should let them cool and then, you can eat them, like we did. In addition, while we were eating the resultant pastries, we talked about the next meetings. That was a good moment to determinate when we are going to meet and what we are going to do in the future.

In conclusion, last Wednesday was a very special Each One Teach One meeting, where we didn’t teach each other Spanish or Finnish but we showed Anni and the other Spanish speakers a very popular tradition in the Catalan houses at this time of the year: cooking “panellets” during the “Castanyada” days.

PS: My family sent me this photo. Here you can see some other authentic homemade “panellets” cooked in a Catalan house the 1st of November. The translation of the different names of the “panellets” (which depends on the topping) is the following one. Starting from the left: coconut, pine nuts, quince, cherry, chocolate, almond and lemon.

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