FIN-GER 6th Meeting at TAMK

After the semester break, we met – once more – at TAMK to have a little chat about our week off and how things are going.

This meeting felt like an exchange of “How do you say … in German/Finnish?” because every one of us had found themselves into a situation, where we could have needed one or two helpful (but easy) phrases. For me, it was mainly related to public transport or traveling in general because I spent some time in Helsinki during the week off. Therefore, Antero and Hanna helped to translate phrases like “Which ticket do I need to get to the central station?” Melanie and I also helped with some travel-related phrases, because Hanna works on a cruise and there have been quite a lot of Germans as well!

Ähnliches Foto

This time I realized once more that I think way to complex. My questions can be made so much easier if only I could stop thinking around five corners. But I think it’s quite normal to think in a more complex way in your native language. I’m still enjoying our meetings because normally I study with different books all by myself at home and whenever something unclear appears, I have to ask one of my Finnish friends or look for an answer online. It’s so much more fun when you can discover the solution with someone else in a playful way.

For the next meeting, we thought it would be nice to go for a different way of studying. We have been doing a lot of “desk work” lately that’s why we decided to meet for a “movie evening” next time! Antero and Hanna will think of something nice in Finnish while Melanie and I need to find something in German which isn’t too hard to understand. 🙂


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