Moomin Movie night

After we had a couple of meetings at TAMK and focused on studying, it was time for a change of location. We met at Cindy`s place and had a movie night in a cozy atmosphere. As we wanted to watch something in german and in finnish, the best was to choose an episode of a series, so that we could watch the same in every language. And while we are in Finland, what could be more typical than watching the Moomins? 😀 Unfortunately the German version didn´t include subtitles. Even though the speaking part is not that difficult or complex, but without subtitles it wasn´t easy for the others to understand it. We were lucky, because after we watched the episode in German, we tried the same one in Finnish, where we of course already got the story and it had English subtitles too, which made it for us much easier. I think especially with these kind of films (of course with subtitles, if available) it´s a good way to get into a language. At least you get used to the language, while you hear it. I think it was a good idea to do something different and as we all had a long day it was quite relaxing and funny too. Especially when you watch the same episode in two different languages.  It was really weird to hear them speaking German, I prefer the original Version, although I don´t understand that much so far.

I´m Looking forward to our next meeting, because it´s really nice to spend time together.

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