Sushi!Wonderful Japanese food!

This Monday, Moe took me to the itsudemo (A Japanese restaurant) to try some wonderful sushi! It is so delicious!!! Even now  I could not forget it. There are  many kinds of sushi we could choose, and there are also some sushi that Moe said is do not from the tranditional Japanese sushi.(such like some sushi with fruits, even I could not enjoy it..

And this Japanese buffet also have misao soup! It veeeeeery delicious!!

And I hope if we could have another time we could enjoy it again.

After dinner, we learnt some daily phrases such like greeting and also the family numbers.

By the way, Moe said that she did not eat anything that day before we meet, cause she wanted to eat as much as possible, so cute she is.(๑´ㅂ`๑)

I really enjoy that day.

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