3D Crush Café

Hi! Last Tuesday, the 6th of November, we went to the 3D Crush Café, which actually it’s a bunny café! First, we decided to order something, so we got a hot chocolate, the main drink of this place (they have a lot of toppings to add on it). While we were in the bunny café, we decided to talk about animals, so we started saying some animals’ names and then their translations. I learned, for example: “pupu” (bunny), “kissa” (cat), “koira” (dog), “kala” (fish), “karhu” (bear), “poro” (reindeer), “ankka” (duck), “kana” (chicken), “lehmä” (cow), “hevonen” (horse), “lammas” (sheep), “norsu” (elephant), “leuona” (lion), “kirahvi” (giraffe), “sammakko” (frog) or “apina” (monkey).

It was very curious to see how some Finnish animals’ names looked funny to the Spanish girls and vice versa, how Anni had fun of some Spanish names. We also taught Anni a fun fact: in Spanish we say “cute” as “mono”, which it also means “monkey”. So if you want to say “What a cute monkey!” you only have to say “¡Qué mono más mono!”.

After learning some animals’ vocabulary, we got into the bunnies’ room. We discovered that they had some funny and “international” names, as Leia, Hermione or Sirius, so we stayed with them for a while and we finished the day in the cutest way ever.

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