Innoevent Day


Last week we had the famous Innoevent week. Jeong was doing volunteering there and I was in one of the team projects.

We meet one hour and a half in the break time that we had from 12.00 to 13.30. In this dayI was teaching all the hour and a half new things about Spanish language and culture to Jeong.

I show different photos from my country (Basque country) to Jeong, I told him that is similar to Finland as is full of forest and there are lots of green places, furthermore, it also rains a lot. The only different is the temperature as in my country in winter normally we have much more hotter temperatures than in Finland around 14-7  degrees normally. I told him that my country is very famous because of the cooking gastronomy . We could say that we have really delicious meals.

After this I taught him some new words as always such as;

Welcome to the Innoevent- Bienvenido al Innoevent.

I am here doing voluntary service- Estoy haciendo servicio de voluntariado.

When are we going to met again?- Cuándo vamos a quedar otra vez?

It is full of people- Está lleno de gente.

Which is your team? Cual es tu equipo?

I enjoyed a lot- Me lo he pasado muy bien.



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