6th meeting

For our 6th meeting we decided to visit Pyynikki and eat some of my favorite donuts.  We already know some verbs in the different languages German and Spanish, and also we have practiced German conjugation in previous meetings so we considered that the most difficult thing and what we have to study the most are the different conjugations in Spanish, reason why this meeting we practiced some regular verbs with their structures:

Present tense in Spanish– Comer
YO- Como
TÚ- Comes
ÉL(LA)- Come
ELLO/AS -Comen

It seems to be more difficult to conjugate in Spanish than in German, so in addition to the conjugations we talked about some time forms in German language, which are new for all of us, for example:

Past simple – Präteritum
Ich ass
Sie sang
Wir fuhren
Past perfect – Perfekt
Ich habe gegessen
Sie hat gesungen
Wir sind gefahren
Ich hatte gegessen
Sie hatte gesungen
Wir waren gefahren

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