Warm 7th meeting (SP-GER)

Within our plans for the meetings, a sauna day was included. This day (17th Nov.) was the ideal to go to the sauna because the weather was really beautiful, although a little bit cold (we have to remember we are in Finland!). We decided to go to the sauna in Rauhaniemi lake because it was a little bit cheaper and closer for all of us.

Taking advantage of the situation, we decided to go through some vocabulary appropriate for the occasion: body parts. Here is the list of some words we learnt in singular and plural:

Head: Die Kopf - Die Köpfe
Ear: Das Ohr - Die Ohren
Eye: Das Auge - Die Augen
Eyebrow: Die Augenbraue - Die Augenbrauen
Nose: Die Nase - Die Nasen
Mouth: Der Mund - Die Münder
Hair: Das Haar - Die Haare
Neck: Der Hals - Die Hälse
Breast: Die Brust - Die Brüste
Arm: Der Arm - Die Arme
Hand: Die  Hand - Die Hände
Finger: Der Finger - Die Finger
Leg: Das Bein - Die Beine
Knee: Das Knie - Die Knie
Foot: Der Fuss - Die Füsse
Toe: Der Zeh -  Die Zehen

This terms weren’t so difficult to keep in mind because many of them were quite similar to English.

Additionally, we got started having small conversations between us in German (spanish speakers) and in  Spanish (Sam). It was quite difficult, because we still don’t have enough level to express ourselves properly, but at least we tried it! We also learnt how to say it is cold or it is hot –> Es ist (sehr = very / ziemlich = quite) kalt – Es ist heiss. Or I am cold/hot –> Mir ist kalt/heiss (instead of saying “Ich (I) bin (am) kalt/heiss”).

We had a really nice time there, seeing who was the bravest standing more time inside the lake (not me at least 😜)…Hoping to enjoy another of these kinds of activities!

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