ice-skating and studying at TAMK (fin-ger)

For our fifth meeting we went ice-skating in Hervanta.  Had never heard of Hervantas ice-skating hall so I was excited to go. Also it was the first time this winter to go ice-skating.

I met the others at the entrance and I was surprised of the size of the place. On ground there were only small brick-building and a door that leads to elevator that goes underground. There we found two ice-rings.

While ice-skating we talked about typical sports that we do in our countries. I said that in Finland ice-skating and cross-country skiing kind of divides the people. I could be wrong, but thats my take on that 😀 Martin said that they don’t have that kind of division in Germany, because it’s so much bigger country and the weather changes depending where you are (north/south), and obviously you can’t really do winter sports, if you don’t have proper winter.

We had fun at the ice-rink and I might go there again now that I know it existing and having open hours too.

Our sixth meeting took place at Tamk. I was actually fresh from my German lesson so I had some questions from the grammar. Otherwise we were asking some questions that we had talked on previous meetings.

Because we all had had a long lay, the meeting was a bit unsuccessful on the learning side. Although it was nice to meet each other and chat a bit. We are all busy people, so sometimes it’s hard to find a time to meet all, but we are trying.

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