Summer day


For our seventh meeting we went to the bar on  the top of Torni hotel. It was a really nice place and we really enjoyed the landscape.

While we were having a coffee we learnt about the spanish and Korean numbers from 1 to 100. This time, and for the first time I found more easy to learn Korean numbers that teaching Spanish numbers.

1-Il 2-Ny 3-sam 4-Sa 5-O 6-Yu 7-Child 8-Pal 9-Qu 10-Ship 11-Ship il 12-Ship Ny 13-Ship sam 14-Ship sa 15-Ship O 16-Ship yu 17-Ship child 18-pal 19-Ship qu 20-Eship…

i find it really easy as all the numbers are the same you only have to add something new. Nonetheless, Spanish numbers are quite different.

After having a coffee we went to the lake because the weather was really nice and we continue teaching and learning different words.

It was really nice day!




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