Meet the Moomins

Our ninth meeting was with the Moomins. We had a tiny pre-Christmas party in Cindy’s place with some glögi (non-alcohol) and cinnamon biscuits and we watched a Moomin cartoon episode in Finnish and German. It was funny, although I didn’t understand much of the German version, even I did notice many words from here and there.

I also had watched the Men in Black -movie in German, but there is one annoying thing: The spoken language does not always meet the subtitles (even with the very same language), so it’s very difficult to follow what the movie characters are talking.

Anyway, we had a great time, and this meeting actually inspired me to look for more Moomin episodes (;D) and watch more movies in German! As soon as the Christmas holiday begins, I will focus to that more. Now I have a bit busy time when this semester is about to end in a few weeks. A lot of tests and other work to do.

Die Mumins auf Deutsch:

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