Black Friday!

Hi! Last Friday, the 23rd of November, was Black Friday! These days we are all full of homework and university assignments to do, so we decided to go to the shopping center “Ratina” and have fun just going browsing and searching the bests sales.

Everyone had something in mind to buy (and surprisingly most of the things were winter clothes…). So Anni helped us to find the best winter pants, beanies or gloves, telling us which kind of fabrics are the best to be able to keep warm during these winter days.

As we were walking all the time, we didn’t have time to sit down and write the things we were learning in a notebook, but we managed to write them down later so that we didn’t forget them. We made a vocabulary list about clothes in WhatsApp and some of the words we wrote are the following ones: “paita” – shirt, “housut” – trousers, “farkut” – jeans, “takki” – jacket, “mekko” – dress, “hame” – skirt, “kengät” – shoes, “sukat” – socks, “huivi” – scarf, “hankat” – gloves, “pipo” – beanie, “hattu” – hat, and the most important one: “villa” – wool.

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