Hockey Match

On saturday we went to a Hockey match. It was actually the first time I saw a sports match in person because I’m not a sports person. The match was between Ilves and Kalpa (Kalpa ended up winning 3-0 and I think that the Tampere people were not very happy about it). It was interesting but a little bit too long for my liking. Also I found very funny the girls dancing every time music was on, they even danced to commercials.

Hockey Match

Anyways, we did another list, this time about sports:

Ice hockey – jääkiekko – hockey sobre hielo
Soccer – fútbol – jalkapallo
Football – rugby – amerikkalainen jalkapallo
Basketball – baloncesto – koripallo
Swimming – natación – uinti
Tennis – tenis – tennis
Handball – balonmano – käsipallo
Ball – pelota – pallo
Racket – raqueta – maila
Stick – palo – tikku
Tracksuit – chándal – urheiluvaatteet
Sneakers – bambas – “lenkkarit” = lenkkikengät
Swimsuit – bañador – “uikkarit” = uima-asu

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