Hockey match

Hi! Last Saturday, the 24th of November, we went to a Hockey match, Ilves against KalPa. I had never been in one, so first I was a little bit lost about the rules of the game and its structure in time. But finally, with the Anni’s explanations I could understand it pretty well.

While we were there, we made a sports vocabulary list, so I learnt a few words such as “jalkapallo” – soccer, “jääkiekko” – ice hockey, “koripallo” – basketball, “uinti” – swimming, “käsipallo” – handball, “pallo” – ball, “maila” – racket or uima-asu – “swimsuit”.

I really liked the experience, I mean, you can’t go to an ice hockey match everyday and especially in a country like Spain. There, the most important sport we have is football (well known for everybody because of “Barça”, the Barcelona team) but here one of the most important sports is ice hockey, so I was very happy to be able to have the experience of being at one.

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