On our sixth meeting we met at Pella’s Cafe at center of town. Me and Christin talked about internships here in Finland and at Germany. We also discussed little bit about our work experience.  After few moments we started to learn languages again and the subject this time was body parts like eyes, ears, nose etc.

Some things I learned…

Hair = Haar
Eyes = Augen
Nose = Nase
Ears = Ohren
Hands = Hände
Cheek = Wange
Neck = Hals
Mouth = Mund
Lips = Lippen
Teeth = Zähne
Arm = Arm
Leg = Bein

In the end of meeting we discussed some things about Pre-Christmas parties that are called like Little Christmas in Finland. I found out that Little Christmas parties are kind of a thing in Finland at least and are not so common in Germany. Here in Finland many companies, organizations and friend groups are arranging those Pre-Christmas parties. Next time we meet it’s time to learn something new again.

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