Novena quedada – Hockey Sobre Hielo

At this meeting we went to see a hockey match on Hakametsän Jäähalli.

My Spanish friends hadn’t been in one ever before, and this was only a second time for me as well. We had my boyfriend and two of his friends with us. They told me what was going on and I tried to explain to Lucia, who sat next to me. Unfortunately, others we too far away, there was a lot of noise at the arena.


Sports vocabulary

  • Hockey sobre hielo = ice hockey
  • Fútbol = soccer
  • Rugby = football
  • Baloncesto = basketball
  • Natación = swimming
  • Tenis = tennis
  • Balonmano = handball
  • Pelota = ball
  • Raqueta = racket
  • Palo = stick
  • Chándal = tracksuit
  • Bambas = sneakers
  • Bañador = swimsuit


I hope this was a nice experience for Lucia, Constanza, Monica and Georgina.

And hey, Kalpa won!

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