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Last meeting  :P

For our last meeting we had Christmas party at Tamko. In this party we got to talk with different people from all around the world. First we played some games and then we just sit and talked. There were good snacks and a good vibe. It was a little bit sad because it was the last meeting; however we enjoyed our time there.

I had a great experience with this course and I am glad I took it, I really learnt a lot about Spanish and Swiss culture and also very important I learnt more German language and practiced things that I already knew before. I think that it is nice to learn another language with a native speaker because you learn the correct pronunciation of the words and the real use of them.

I met amazing guys with this course, all of them are really cool in their own way and I hope we keep in touch in the future.

Cooking time!

Since the beginning we wanted to cook traditional food together so for our 9th meeting we decided to do it because we wouldn’t have another opportunity in the future.

Jon cooked a tortilla de patatas, Sam brought Swiss dark chocolate fondue and fruits, my Mexican friends brought the ingredients to make tacos and I brought some nachos and traditional refried beans.

I was putting attention all the time to Jon making the tortilla and I tried to learn the recipe, I would like to cook this when I go back in Mexico. By the way I really liked Jon’s tortilla and I think he is a good cook. Also I really enjoyed the fondue, it was really good chocolate and obviously because it was Swiss.

We ate our dishes all together and enjoyed a good dinner. After this we started with the learning process and we decided prepositions as the topic, these are the propositions that we learn and also some examples:

an = on (attached). “Der Spiegel ist an der Wand”

auf = on (upon). “Der Hund ist auf dem Stuhl”

auf = in (the world). “Der beste Fussballspieler auf der Welt”

auf = in (an event, place). “Ich war auf einer Party” “Ich war auf Mallorca”

aus = from (origin). “Ich bin aus Australien”

ausserhalb = outside. “Ich komme von einer Stadt ausserhalb Berlins”

durch = through. “Ich fuhr durch die Stadt

hinter = behind. “Ich stehe hinter dir”

in = in. “Ich bin in der Schule” Ich sah es in dem Fernseher”

neben = next to “Er sitzt neben dir”

über = across, above “Das Flugzeug ist über dem Flughafen”

zu = to “Ich komme zu dir”

zwischen = between “Ich bin zwischen Jobs”


8th meeting

For or 8th meeting our friend Emilio organized an international party, we decided to go together and take the opportunity to do our meeting.

In this meeting we decided to talk about easy but useful topic related with time, we already knew the days of the week however we reviewed them:

Weekdays: Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag, Sonntag

Días de la semana: lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes, sábado, domingo

Following the topic we also learnt some time expressions as:

Morgen=Morning= mañana

Mittag=Midday=medio día

Nachmittag=Afternoon= tarde

Abend=Evening= noche


And lastly we learnt some useful phraseology:

Später=later= después

Bald=soon= pronto

Früher=before= antes

Morgen=tomorrow= mañana

Heute=today= hoy

Gestern=yesterday= ayer

Vorgestern=the day before = anti ayer

Übermorgen=the day after = pasado mañanas


I really enjoyed this short meeting and having on of the best parties at the end.

Last meeting (Fin-Ger)

We met for the last time at Pyynikki observation tower and café. I had heard that the doughnuts there are good and it was nice to finally get to taste one. Martin showed us some pictures from his trip to Lapland and we talked about the Santa Claus village among other things. I’m going to spend the next semester in Vienna so we also talked I bit about that. I got some advices and we even talked about possibly meeting in Austria. After chatting for a while we decide to go up to the tower to look at the views.

I really enjoyed this course because we did things that I probably otherwise wouldn’t had done. I didn’t learn that much of German grammar but instead a lot of Germanys culture. The course was great and I would definitely recommend it to others too!

Trampoline jumping (fin-ger)

For our 9th meeting we met at a trampoline park in Kauppi Sports Center. It was exciting to meet there because I had never been in a trampoline park before, but I had several times thought of going there.

We started by jumping on a big area which consisted of smaller trampolines. You were even able to jump on the walls and I thought that was really cool. The jumping was surprisingly hard and from time to time I was thinking that I really was out of shape.

We also jumped to an air mattress and a foam area. We tried to do some tricks (and we didn’t even end up dead) and it was nice to notice that you still are able to do flips and stuff. I really enjoyed my time there and I will definitely go there again!

kauppi sports center (fin-ger)

Our second last meeting took place at the trampoline park in Kauppi sports center. The booing system was a bit confusing, and I wasn’t  sure if I needed to book the time beforehand or not. I ended up booking it, but I’m still not sure was it mandatory :D. 

Trampoline jumping was super fun way to start the day (we went there pretty early, so Vilma was able to join from her group projects). We all were quite exhausted of the workout, who would’ve known, jumping can be hard workout. Or maybe we are just way out of shape. 

First we went at the freestyle trampoline area, just fooling around, but quickly we moved to the airbag-trampoline and the foam cube -pit area. There we had a chance to jump away from the trampoline and try (note: try) to make some tricks. 

We talked about studying , how our studies at this period have gone, how they differ from countries and also the grading systems. We didn’t have much time to discuss a lot about cultural things, but at least we had fun at the park.

Pyynikki observation tower

Today was our last meeting at Pyynikki observation tower.
We met down the stairs to walk up together.

We were talking about Christmas and how we are celebrating Christmas. Vilma and Pinja are going home for Christmas to celebrate it with their family. Marian and me, we are staying at different places in Finland to enjoy a bit more the Finnish winter… hope it will become real winter soon.

Furthermore we talked about Vilma’s upcoming semester abroad in Austria and we decided to meet if possible in Vienna for an additional meeting. I am very looking forward to meet them all again.
So far it was a great time with all of you and we had a lot of fun. See you again in Vienna.

THE END- Independence Day

I was so sad when I realized that this is our last meeting. We decided to relax and enjoy our very last EOTO-meeting. We went for a coffee and discussed our journey together. Everyone told their favorite memory of the course. My personal favorite was the first meeting in Huurre when I got the chance to meet these wonderful people for the first time.

It was Independence Day so we kind of celebrated both- the independence of Finland and the end of the course. We walked around the Christmas market in the city center and talked about our future plans. We all agreed that it would be nice to see again someday.

The firework show was absolutely beautiful!


Thank you Maksim and Yulia! I’m going to miss our meetings together. Спасибо большое! <3

Friendship is not end!

Several days ago (28.11.2019),we had the last meeting of this course in the pre-Christmas party in Tamko office.

At that day,we played Finnish games and some Chinese games.It’s funny that some of the games I have played in my country.We took turns to make a question which was similar to each other ,and then everyone described own word.The aim of this game was to find out whose word was different from others.We enjoyed a happy time in the game and we also ate some chips and a Japanese food which was taken by Moi.That tasted really nice!!It’s true that was a unforgettable night.At last,Jenny cuddled me for a while.We hope we’ll meet again.

Looking for forward to seeing Jenny in February!Love Jenny!!!!

Last meeting at the EOTO Xmas party

We chose to use the EOTO Christmas party as our last meeting, as we were running out of time with a few of us going to Lapland and leaving soon after. December has come fast and I am leaving to Australia on the 13th, so it was good to wrap up our tenth and last meeting.

As it was the course’s ending event, we decided to reflect on what we had learned in this course. I can definitely say that I have enjoyed teaching and learning. I now plan to take more Spanish lessons, possibly a module at my home uni if possible. I also benefitted from the teaching process, which I enjoyed greatly.

It was also very interesting to learn about the cultures of Spain and Mexico, how they are similar and how they differ. I would love to visit both countries in the near future.

But more importantly, I made four great friends in this course who I will stay in touch with and hope to see soon again.