Cooking at 9th meeting (SPA-GER)

In this meeting it was very fun because we decided to cook something typical of our country, as you know in this group we are three Mexicans, one Spanish and one Swiss so we had different dishes. my Mexican friends and I decided to cook some famous burritos that consist of rolled tortilla with beans, meat and cheese, we decided to cook this because it is not so complicated to elaborate, because other Mexican dishes are difficult to make and here in Finladia we do not find the ingredients needed to make them, and we also brought nachos with beans that are typical of mexico.

Jon from Spain cooked a Spanish omelet consisting of potatoes fried with eggs and showed us how to cook it was very tasty.

Sam brought us a fondue that is typical of Switzerland, we ate it with platonos, apples and blueberries being a delicious dessert.

while we ate we talked about the preposition and I learned some of them in german as for example:


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