Tenth and last EOTO meeting

Our last Spanish-German meeting was held at TAMKO Pre-Christmas party. We did not learn German neither teach Spanish itself but met new people. This was quite a good chance to get to know other people from this course, and so their cultures.

I couldn’t be too much time there because I had some assignments to handle but, at least, I was able to enjoy the good atmosphere. First, I met my EOTO colleagues and talked a little bit about the overall experience of the course and how we all felt. Then, while we were eating, we met people from different countries, which was such a good undergoing. We also saw other German people teaching other languages and told us how they felt during the teaching and learning… I told them that German was a difficult language and they agreed, but also told me that Finnish was even tougher! I also agree with that!!! 😂Besides, I liked the food they gave us, good idea to offer  things from different countries – that made it even more delightful.

I have finished this course with good feelings. I met wonderful people who I will always remember and lived an unforgettable experience – you know, this is not a thing you can always do… I learned a lot from the Mexican and Swiss cultures, about which I did not know anything before. I am happy with all that but at the same time feel really sad that this course ends…But we all know that things that start always come to an end…And this is the end of a really good experience!

Will miss y’all!!!

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