Our tenth and last meeting for this course. We went to shopping mall with Christin to look some souvenirs and Christmas presents. This time we didn’t taught much for each others. We still practiced some vocabulary about all kind of things that are in shopping malls.

store – kauppa – Geschäft

restaraunt – ravintola – Restaurant

lobby – aula – Empfangshalle (but no one says that; usually we also say lobby)

door – ovi – Tür

toilet – vessa – Toilette

clothes – vaatteet – Klamotten

shoes – kengät – Schuhe

grocery – elintarvikkeet – Lebensmittel

jewelry – korut – Schmuck

bench – penkki – Bank

garage – autotalli – Garage

parking slot – parkkipaikka – Parkplatz

sign – kyltti, opaste – Schild

escalator – rullaportaat – Rolltreppe

elevator – hissi – Aufzug

stairs – portaat – Treppe


This was our last meeting for the course and I have learned some words and many things about Germany’s culture. We still want to meet at least one more time when Hamza gets back in Finland.

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