First meeting (fin-rus)

Today we had our first studying session. We met in TTY’s (TUT) library, which was a nice and silent place to study and practice. Julia practiced pronouncing Finnish, numbers and personal pronouns. After Finnish session we changed to Russian. We were looking a bit for local cases and then I read one chapter of Little Prince in Russian to practice my pronouncing.  After it we had a small conversation in Russian. I learnt few new words. After studying session we went to TTY’s Fazer’s restaurant, which offered today a very good lunch to us. To next meeting we agreed to invite one my Russian friend and maybe cook something together. Next meeting will be quite hard for us since my friend speaks only Russian and Finnish, so probably we need to try to stick in these two languages and try to avoid English, which is always easy to use when don’t remember some words.

Looking forwards to meet next time!

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