so, the first meeting is done.

I must say this group is really nice together

We had to bake an apple strudel for this meeting. It a common dish for Germany, that we eat on Sunday. we could find most of the ingredients in the supermarket. But for an Apfelstrudel you need puff pastry. We couldn´t find it in one big pick only in small pieces. So, we started the Apfelstudel was not an Apfelstrudel anymore it was many little Apfeltaschen.

In the end we had so much filling left that we have to make new dough buy ourselves. The next one looked like a real Apfelstrudel. We added some stuff because it looked a little bit like a cellar rattle. Later we added vanilla ice-cream to the cake. I was very delicious.


In the end of the meeting we picked out some more vocabulary.


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