Chapter # 1

Our cooking time 

I want to tell our short story about German – Russian time. My name is Julia and in my group, I have also Johanna from Germany and Margarita from Russia. We met together and told about our plans, therefore we decided to the organized first meeting for cooking German food. We like sweet and we baked Apfelstrudel. You can see a receipt on this photo and you can try to cook something similar.

An apple crumble der Apfelstrudel Яблочный штрудель
chopped almonds gehackte Mandeln измельченный миндаль
raisin die Rosine  изюм
vanilla sugar Vanillezucker ванильный сахар
an apple der Apfel яблоко
bread crumbs Semmelbrösel панировочные сухари
Eggs Essig яйца
wheat flour Weizenmehl мука
salt Salz соль
ice-cream die Eiscreme мороженое

Good luck! See you soon in the next post.

3 thoughts on “Chapter # 1

  1. Very good attempt, I believe if time had allowed you could have taken photos of your activities too.

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