a delightful talk during the lunch

The plan for the second meeting ended out to be dinner at the Canteen in Tamk.

Julia and I were quite late, so Margo almost finished her lunch when we arrived. Which I am sorry for. The food was eatable, but I think that’s normal for the Canteen in Tamk.

We talked about the differences in Job possibilities of Russia and Germany. And I was shocked to hear that it is hard to get a job in Russia. Of course, it depends on the Counties interest what kind of field is needed.

The other topic was about the Chernobyl accident in Russian. It´s creasy how far and in with kind of impact the radiation spreads. In Germany for example are still areas where u can´t eat mushrooms. Margo pointed out that in Chernobyl it was normal that spruce needles are as long as it could function for a sword for a Child. Which by the way were used like that according to her. Try to google Chernobyl Mutants… I still get nightmares from the pictures.

After that we talked a bit about the history of Russian. It is really bloody I have to say. I
didn´t knew that it is like that. And at that point we figured out, what we wanted to do for our next meeting. Russian was governed by the Romanov family. They we all killed by the Bolschewiki. But there have been some rumours that one child has survived. About this also exist some Movies (Anastasia) which we would like to see in the next meeting.

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