Time for Karjalanpaisti (FIN-RUS)

Today was our 2nd meeting with Juliia. I am having a Russian Tandem pair, Olga, outside from this program and we decided to invite her with us. Olga doesn’t speak English at all, so we had to speak in Russian, because Juliia’s Finnish skills are still very small. I made Karjalanpaisti (Karelian Stew) for us because I wanted to make something very traditional Finnish food. Conversations were mostly only in Russian. Juliia and Olga were talking with each other and I mostly listened. It is hard to take part to two native speakers’ conversation, because it takes time to understand and the topic is already different when you understand it and are ready to answer. But it made me happy to notice that my Russian skills are good enough to understand the main point of the conversation even I couldn’t catch all the words. I just need to increase my vocabulary a lot.

This time we had more practice to me, so next time we will concentrate more to Finnish. 

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