First meeting —–stereotype

We met in 15th February in the y-kampus, we first discussed the 10 topics we will talk about.After that ,we started with talking about our stereotype to each others’ country. Merlinde and Ryan thought Chinese people are small people and love eating dogs.Actually the Chinese people are getting taller and taller, because Unlike their parents’ generation, the young generation gets plenty of nutrition and adequate exercise. We may not become as tall some people in Nordic countries, but the average height of Chinese is still increasing. For the eating dogs, actually only very few Chinese eat dogs as their tradition, more and more people consider dogs as their families and friends.But I respect people’s right to eating dogs.

For we Chinese people, we always  link the Netherlands to sex and drugs. They actually exist and promote the development of tourism, but the Dutch people still hope we can pay attention to their flower, windmill, dams which  have the local people’s abundant effort and sweat.

In the end, we teach each other about number 1 to 10. That is quite interesting. Chinese character is more like a image for Merlinde and Ryan. For us , the dutch words’ pronunciation is also challenging for us.

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