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CHINESE & DUTCH dutch food

last time, we have ate some chinese cuisine that not very speciality,but it does made by chinese. And this time the group met again and the same place at lappinkaari with different kitchen(changed from the first floor to the second).

We both have the same problems that cannot cook the specialities of our own country,and this time we took the mashed potatoes with onions and carrots,mashed potatoes with diced apple and beans,mashed potatoes with vegetables and sausage,as well as the dutch pancake that with bacon in it.(I think it is very tasty)finally,of course ended with dissert,folded dough with diced apple and sugar syrup baked in oven. In addition,we had beer too.






Musta makkara (FIN/RUS)

Today was our 6th meeting and finally we succeed to have musta makkara (black sausage). We have been planning this already quite long. We bought sausages from Tammelantori’s Tapola and traditionally ate them outdoors there.

We didn’t study languages, because we were outdoors during the meeting, but we were talking about our educations, working life and opportunities in our countries. The meeting was quite short because my kid splashed to puddle and got wet, so we had to go home. Hope next time we can spend longer time and concentrate to studies. 

Fourth meeting, Skype

Hi! Everybody!

My English is improving all the time. I think so. Every our meeting is easier for me. I understand better and I can say what I want. Sometimes it is difficult to building sentences because all grammar is mixed in my head. My partner try to understand all the time and he helps me to say what I want.  We write each other in WhatsApp and it improve my writing skills.

Our meeting was planed for Thursday 28.3, but Benjamin had exam same time what we would meet and we changed it for today but in a Skype.

This meeting I speak a lot. Our topic was different, but principally we talked about our profession, studying in University and difference  between Finish, Ukraine and Belgian system.  Benjamin had a trip in Estonia and Riga and told me how was his trip.

Every our meeting I learn something new. I can not remember a wort “schedule“. So, I remember how it write and if I hear the word I understand but it is difficult to pronounce for me. Today on the meeting I practice this one. I start to enjoy our meeting because every time I go ahed and I believe that I do can speak English too.

Our next meeting in a week. So, see you!

Third Meeting (Painting)

On our third meeting, we decided to do some color painting and at the same time talk about different topics in Finnish.

It was a good idea to learn while painting. So, it was also a good opportunity to learn the colors both in Persian and Finnish. I wrote all the colors in Finnish and Persian so she can understand it easily. In Persian, we have some compound words, sh, ch, zh, and gh which are a little difficult to pronounce for other language speakers. At the last meeting, we started writing and pronouncing the Persian alphabet and so we continued this time. I wrote to her the next four alphabets of Persian language with their pronunciations. Which are:

ج – gim

ح – he

خ – khe

چ – che

Third and fourth meeting

Both our second and third meetings took place in cafes. The second time we met at Pella’s Cafe. The agenda for the meeting was mainly to just talk and to get to known each other a bit better. We also ended up going through some food and kitchen related words as well as phrases for situations like ordering something in a cafe.

For our third meeting we went to Robert’s Coffee. We discussed about hobbies and things we like, such as music and free time activities. We also talked about some cultural differenced regarding studying and schools as well as languages.


EOTO : 2nd meeting ! (Korean&Finnish)

# 2. Korean TV show & Chill

Our second meeting was watching TV show & chill in Kia’s place !

‘Welcome ! First time in Korea’ is the one of the most popular entertainment shows on air in Korea.

It is the “New Concepts of Domestic Trip” reality show, which foreigners who living in Korea inviting their native friends to Korea for special trips that are hard for ordinary foreign travelers to enjoy.

The Finnish friend’s episode was re-produced as season 2 because it broke the channel’s highest view ratings in this show.

It was very fun time together.

During watch together, we could  see where finnish friends were sightseeing and found out some Finnish slangs that did not come out in subtitles lol ! Also Kia gave us snacks with reindeer cream cheese and it was such an amazing harmony ever I tried.

Emphasizing that this isn’t any commercial advertisement ! 

But I attach a photo just want to show everyone this awesome cream cheese 🙂

+ I could find that Kia also seemed to have a strange hobby of putting dead trees in front of the Buddha statue lol.

I dare to interpret this as the meaning of the eternal cycle of birth..


EOTO : 1st meeting ! (Korean&Finnish)

# 1. Moi ! 안녕하세요 ! 

In first meeting, we just greeted each other and introduce ourselves.

My first impression of Kia was exactly like a moomin. White and speak Finnish Moomin!

After greeting, she suddenly took the Korean language book out of her bag and It obviously seems like a cute Moomin for us.

Kia was an exchange student in Japan with a high school program and those experience affected to get interested in Asian culture.

And she is thinking about an internship in Korea after graduation.

We four Koreans also interested in Finnish culture as an exchange student who live in Tampere, we wanted to learn about each other’s culture, language and so on. 

So we made plans for the future.

We also agreed to meet as a casual way if not for this course.

But In those 10 times meeting above, there will be lessons more focusing on the cultural and academical stuffs.


*Today’s words are all about snow : lumi, loska, räntä, lumisade, puuterilumi, kinos.

Meeting 4 Chinese food.

On 17 March. We cooperated with Chinese students in Chinese-Finnish group to cook some Chinese food.There were several dishes , like Chinese sausage,broccoli with oyster sauce and garlic, tofu in tomato sauce and and Chinese cabbages with fried mushroom. And the maid dish was the dumplings.We also taught the others how to make the dumpling,What they made was better than the dumpling i made in the first time. It’s glad to hear that they love all the food we cooked. During the meal we also talked about how to say cheers in our own language and the table manner. In China, when cheer with the elder, we should put our glasses lower than them.

Amazing third meeting + Bunny therapy

I met today (24th March) with Joona for our third meeting. We met at the 3D Crush Café, it is a place where you can enjoy good warm drinks and delicious cakes while cuddling with BUNNIES! I am a fan of animals, and bunnies are one of my favorites! So, when Joona asked if I wanted to visit this place, I was really looking forward to it! It was my first time there and I enjoyed this meeting really much!

When we arrived at the place, we ordered some treats and decided to focus this meeting on the culture aspects of each countries, as well as learning some words about what surrounded us. We both taught each other about how locals usually spend their Sundays in France VS in Finland (and let me tell you that French people spend a lot more time eating on Sundays than Finnish people do ^^). About the vocabulary, it was mostly me teaching him some “kitchen” words (like fork, knives, glass, etc), the colors, and some other words about things around us (coat rack, shelf, etc). Joona corrected my pronunciation for these words because I knew them already! It was a great meeting, really rich in knowledge and I hope that we will have more chances to share this kind of things with each other 😊

At the end of our session, we were both happy and relaxed after a nice moment with coffee, cakes and bunnies!

It was a great session and I am looking forward to the next one!

PS: I recommend the 3D Crush Café! It is really nice, the owner is welcoming, prices are affordable and the bunnies are cute and also are a stress-relief! They have a private place that you can reserve (with bunnies and board games), some sofas and comfy chairs as well. It is written in English there, so go for it! I took a picture of their business card, so you have the details on it!
Go have a look! Nice moment guarantee!