Learning about Russian history,

This meeting was very interesting. Margo prepared a presentation for me.
Julia and Margo told me about the history of Russia. Mostly about how the last Emperor of Russia and How the Family died. It is a tragic Story with many rumours and speculation.

About this History part exist a Childs movie called “Anastasia”. It´s a rumour that one of the kids of the Emperor has survived, because they couldn’t find the dead body.

In connection to that we saw the beginning of the movie. There were so many relations to the real story and such a love in detail. We stopped the movie so many times because there was always something interesting facts to tell about. Some persons or locations were very well hit.


During the movie Margo showed me some Russian sweets. They were really delicious I have to say 😊

All in all it was a nice time, I loved to hear about so many thing from Russia.

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