Chapter #4 Study should be simple and fun

I have enrolled German class at TAMK University and also I have German – Russian meetings in our small group. And we want to spend the time more productive. Yesterday we learned new vocabulary for the next exams at University. Nessi has explained for us basic prepositions and how we can use this right and gave some advises how use this in everyday life.

For our meetings we have chosen Cafe Pispala. There was so cozy but we have bad choice for food options. I hope that more better for morning if you want to visit this Cafe you should orient for the morning time. Hopfully there’re a lot of puncakes should be there. I was so glad about our meeting with Margo and Nessi after 2 weeks of break. I think for the next time we will choosee better places.

You can explore this place if you want: 


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