Dutch and chinese match met again,and the topic we talked turned to the celebration on parties.You can’t get into the internet bar or  smoking , drinking alcohol if you are under 18 in Dutch, the same as China only on inernet bar. China doesn’t have the law for adolescent  that they can’t smoking and drinking.The big parties or celebrations  for chinese  do not change much from the childhood to adulthood, birthday celebration,internet bar, karaoke,bar,something like this.For dutch, after 18, they can do much more, drinking , smoking, even drugs,which is legal for selling that can never happen in china.And chinese music festival seems it never went to china,very localise, thus only few people know it.Opposite to china, the most famous DJ are dutch and there is big event  for DJ in amsterdam, in addition, the king’s birthday also is one  of the biggest celebration for dutch.

eating is imortant part on chinese party.

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