Chinese cuisine for the each one teach one group members

When it comes to the fourth meeting of chinese and dutch group,we held this meeting with chiese and finnish group together and the chinese cuisine is the main topic. We have tried to make the chinese speciality but in fact,it is more like the the chinese daily meal due to lack of the chinese featured ingredients,luckly,they all like the food we cooked and enjoy it except one which too spicy for fin and dutch.

What are the food contain on this meeting?It include the fried chicken with chinese red pepper,brocoli with garlic sauce(chinese style),spice diced pork with lettuce,tufu with tomato,home made sausage,dumplings,pancke,and beers.we talked everything that we interested and knew the crazy dog stories from the fin,(her dog).Anyway, that is a nice meeting and i am looking for the next meeting for dutch food.

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