My first touch to French

On Friday 8th March we had our first E1T1 session with Tiphaine at her place. It was refreshing to spend a Friday night with some laid back studies instead of going out. No regrets, the session was a lot of fun!

I was excited to get my first experience with the language that’s known for its difficulty and reputation as the ”language of love”. Since I have not studied French before, we started my studies from the very basics, where as I taught her more advanced stuff.

I started my journey with the alphabet, numbers and pronunciations. Tiphaine got to study the past tense and some new vocabulary about mundane life. We also traded videos: She got to watch a stand up about the Finnish language and I had the pleasure to enjoy the French alphabet song. If there was something that really stood out me about French, it was the pronouncing. It’s really hard.

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