Dinner: meeting 4 (Dutch-Chinese group)

17 March, 2019

On this day I and Merlin went to the Lapinkaari student building to have dinner with our each one teach one group. Jaiqi, Huaicheng and Changling together with some of their friends cooked Chinese food for us.

The were many different dishes such as broccoli with oyster sauce and garlic, tofu in tomato sauce, chinese sausage and many more. The main dish was, however, dumplings. I also got the change to try and make one of these dumplings, but the end result did not look like the ones made by the proffesionals. All the food tasted great and I tried to eat as many different things as possible to give everything a try.

The dinner was overall a lot of fun and interesting as we also learned certain cultural aspects. For instance the obvious that Chinese people eat mostly with sticks but also that 6pm  is regular dinner time (same for Dutch people). Also that for people from northern China steaming bread (if I am right) is considered the main side dish instead of rice, which I did not know. There are apperently also no rules when either with your peers (students with students) while there are rules for when eating with family or people of a higher social status. We also told them about a few Dutch etiquettes concerning dinner such as always waiting till everybody has food even with peers, holding your fork in the left hand and knife in the right etc.

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