Amazing third meeting + Bunny therapy

I met today (24th March) with Joona for our third meeting. We met at the 3D Crush Café, it is a place where you can enjoy good warm drinks and delicious cakes while cuddling with BUNNIES! I am a fan of animals, and bunnies are one of my favorites! So, when Joona asked if I wanted to visit this place, I was really looking forward to it! It was my first time there and I enjoyed this meeting really much!

When we arrived at the place, we ordered some treats and decided to focus this meeting on the culture aspects of each countries, as well as learning some words about what surrounded us. We both taught each other about how locals usually spend their Sundays in France VS in Finland (and let me tell you that French people spend a lot more time eating on Sundays than Finnish people do ^^). About the vocabulary, it was mostly me teaching him some “kitchen” words (like fork, knives, glass, etc), the colors, and some other words about things around us (coat rack, shelf, etc). Joona corrected my pronunciation for these words because I knew them already! It was a great meeting, really rich in knowledge and I hope that we will have more chances to share this kind of things with each other 😊

At the end of our session, we were both happy and relaxed after a nice moment with coffee, cakes and bunnies!

It was a great session and I am looking forward to the next one!

PS: I recommend the 3D Crush Café! It is really nice, the owner is welcoming, prices are affordable and the bunnies are cute and also are a stress-relief! They have a private place that you can reserve (with bunnies and board games), some sofas and comfy chairs as well. It is written in English there, so go for it! I took a picture of their business card, so you have the details on it!
Go have a look! Nice moment guarantee!

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