EOTO : 1st meeting ! (Korean&Finnish)

# 1. Moi ! 안녕하세요 ! 

In first meeting, we just greeted each other and introduce ourselves.

My first impression of Kia was exactly like a moomin. White and speak Finnish Moomin!

After greeting, she suddenly took the Korean language book out of her bag and It obviously seems like a cute Moomin for us.

Kia was an exchange student in Japan with a high school program and those experience affected to get interested in Asian culture.

And she is thinking about an internship in Korea after graduation.

We four Koreans also interested in Finnish culture as an exchange student who live in Tampere, we wanted to learn about each other’s culture, language and so on. 

So we made plans for the future.

We also agreed to meet as a casual way if not for this course.

But In those 10 times meeting above, there will be lessons more focusing on the cultural and academical stuffs.


*Today’s words are all about snow : lumi, loska, räntä, lumisade, puuterilumi, kinos.

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