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Dinner: meeting 4 (Dutch-Chinese group)

17 March, 2019

On this day I and Merlin went to the Lapinkaari student building to have dinner with our each one teach one group. Jaiqi, Huaicheng and Changling together with some of their friends cooked Chinese food for us.

The were many different dishes such as broccoli with oyster sauce and garlic, tofu in tomato sauce, chinese sausage and many more. The main dish was, however, dumplings. I also got the change to try and make one of these dumplings, but the end result did not look like the ones made by the proffesionals. All the food tasted great and I tried to eat as many different things as possible to give everything a try.

The dinner was overall a lot of fun and interesting as we also learned certain cultural aspects. For instance the obvious that Chinese people eat mostly with sticks but also that 6pm  is regular dinner time (same for Dutch people). Also that for people from northern China steaming bread (if I am right) is considered the main side dish instead of rice, which I did not know. There are apperently also no rules when either with your peers (students with students) while there are rules for when eating with family or people of a higher social status. We also told them about a few Dutch etiquettes concerning dinner such as always waiting till everybody has food even with peers, holding your fork in the left hand and knife in the right etc.

Cafe Europa, Second meeting

I met my partner 21.2019 in Cafe Europa. I learned the first four persian alphabet. My partner wanted to go throught few of finnish alphabets (Y,U,Ö,E,O). Other alphabets where familiar to him already. I also wanted to learn the first ten numbers. My partner also showed me a youtube video, which is a persian childern song. They sing about persian alphabets. We where goin trought pronouns in persia and also in finnish. My partner thought me in finnish witch was great. We also we had a conversation in Finnish about activities we like to do during summer. Persian new year was on the corner so we also discussion about that. My home work is to listen the song of the alphabet song, learn pronouns and the firts ten numbers.

Second Meeting (Café Europe)

Yesterday we met at Café Europe for almost two hours. It was my second time there and this time we tried to discuss different topics in Finnish. I was trying to talk about everything in Finnish and Linnea was helping me.

I have problem using joku, jonkin, and jokin, so we tried to work on it for a while and it was not easy to learn it easily. For better pronunciation, Linnea was keen to learn Persian alphabets and numbers 1 – 9.

Only five per meeting:

ا ب پ ت ث

And the numbers”

۱ ۲ ۳ ۴ ۵ ۶ ۷ ۸ ۹

In Persian, we write from the left to the right.

It was quite easy for her to pronounce it for the first time. I also teach her subject pronouns Linnea had a surprise for me ‘Kuusi palaa’, which has 9 different meanings and we went through all of them. She also brought me a grammar book, which we will talk about it more during the coming meetings.

We also had time to discuss subject pronouns and use them in sentences.

Nämä – nuo – ne – tämä – tuo – se

Culture is always a good topic to talk about. We talked about each other’s culture adjustments for the rest of the time.


Displaying tell me about yourself

Party culture: meeting 3 (Dutch-Chinese group)

28 Febuary, 2019

Our third meeting with Jaiqi, Huaicheng and Changling was about the party culture in each others country. I soon found out that Chinese people do not really have a “party culture” as defined by Western students. Chinese students spend most of thier time at university studying for exams and gaining high grades. It is not uncommen to study during the weekend and even during the holidays certain students go back to university to study. Drinking and going out as is fairly normal for European students is not on their mind.

But when they do eventually take a break from studying parties will most likely involve going out to dinner and then on to karaoke. Karaoke cafe’s are commonly found in China together with internet bars in which students can also spend their free time. Karaoke is even so integrated into Chinese culture that is can be normal to conduct business by going to karaoke to improve relationships. When going out within a business setting we also got told that it is important that you always drink more than your boss does, which is a uncommen but fun fact to know.

In return we told them about Dutch student party culture as well as the many festivals that we have in the Netherlands. There are also certain party days on which either the entire country or parts of the country party. This is, however, very different from what takes places in China.

History: meeting 2 (Dutch-Chinese group)

21 Febuary, 2019

After the first meeting we agreed the second meeting date and subject, so that people could sort of prepare what to tell and talk about. As the subject was history, a topic I thoroughly enjoy, I made a powerpoint presentation about the history of the Netherlands. Briefly covering the period from the Roman Empire till now and highlighting certain important parts. If anyone is interested the presentation can be found here: History of the Netherlands.

The Chinese students in return showed us a timelapse video of China’s history in which you can many small countries that used to exist in China unifying under several rulers forming a more current day China. Becuase the country is so large and has history going back before the year 0 it is impossible to cover everything. The timelapse with in between some explanation about important dynasties was, therefore, quit effective. I for instance learned that the Han dynasty that ruled a large part of current day China (except the north) was very important. Most people in current day China still identify themselves as Han, even though the rule of that dynasty ended hundreds of years ago.

The meeting was overall very informative and I think we have learned each other a lot more about our countries histories than previously known. I even during the making of the presentation and the meeting learned something new about the Netherlands, which is that they had a colony on the Chinese island of Taiwan.

Pairing up in the school library

This was my firts meeting in EOTO course. In my group there is only one other student. We are the finnish/ persian pair. I want to learn the basics of persia and my pair wants to learn more finnish. In my first seasson we made list of what we should do and what is the deadline. We agreed to meet 15 times before 1.5.2019 because I will be leaving to Mikkeli to do my intership for the summer. That means that we should meet about two times per week.

We focused  bit more speaking finnish than persia this meeting. I wanted to know what my partner knew already so I dont teach him same things he already knows. We had a really good conversation going on.  He knew Finnish quite a bit already. Im not a fast language learner but i did learn one word from the first seasson witch is ”ketab”. It means book. I need to repeat the same words many times over and over again in my head so i will remember them permanently.

In our small German – Russian group has done the sixth meeting. The times fly so fast. My report considers information about two meetings because we’ve spent not so much time for this. It’s better to spend not so much time but often. We always keep in our mind the interesting things about each other.

In our fifth meeting, we can try to cook Russian breakfast but it was not so special because it was pancakes known for everyone. It was Sunday and we’ve met in Lapinkaari kitchen. During our breakfast, we told about news, common things and so on.

Похожее изображение

Yesterday was the fifth meeting at TAMK canteen. Our meeting was not so common and we had a special lunch for that (Vegetable burgers). And the topics for speaking were German recipes from Nessi. She has passion about cooking and always have amazing recipes for every case 😀

For example, you can try to cook these bakery products:


Enjoy 🙂

The Moomin Museum

I and Ranja have done our fifth meeting. There was in Moomin Museum and I found book about story of Moomins and can know more information about it. So Ranja have took her children. It added a lot of fun because it’s so cool see how children and adult smile together for simple things. That was so amazing before I didn’t know much stories. I was noticing that the Museum very modern there is a lot of hand made by Tove Jansson. Also we’ve listened Moomi stories twice – first Finnish and after that Russian. Unfortunately in the Museum illegal take photos but I saved my tickets from there. It was so good meeting. 

Chinese-Finnish first meeting at Library

We met for the first time at TAMK´s library on 12th of March.  We discussed a little about their knowledge towards finnish language and culture, since they have stayed in Finland since last fall. Chinese students wished to rehearsh some of already learned words, but were also eager to learn new useful phrases and words. We started with different foods and I had fun teaching them to pronounce the finnish words. They invited me to a dinner event the next sunday which I attended to.

For me it is easy to identify with difficulty studing finnish language, since I went trough the same journey 10 years ago when I moved to Finland from Estonia. I think I speak quite fluent finnish, and also know necessary phrases and words for beginners.

I tried to study some chinese aswell, I had fun time pronouncing the numbers. Also I learned how to introduce myself. I think it amazing that some “symbols” are orginating from illustration from different pictures as shown on picture below.

Exploring Tampere from unusual side or Vintage is always in fashion

It was 7/03, winter is still here but show is slowly melting into rain, that’s why my teacher Selina invited me to explore Vintage clothing shops.  I’m really in small, cosy, rich for historical moments things and the idea of “doing Vintage shops hooping” was really for me.

We visited 4 different shops, enjoyed talking with sellers, tryied some clothers and.. what else do girls need?) After we decided to go a cute “Kaffila” for driking a hot coffee with traditional laskiaispulla and learn Russian and Finnish.

Speaking about Russian: we started with an alphabet and pronunciation of difficult sounds.

Speaking about Finnish: Selina told me about the difference between speaking and literary Finnish, for ex. in real life it’s better to say “mä on Sasha” instead “mina olen Sasha”, that’s why now I knew more useful for real life phrases  =)