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Sunday the 10th of March, meeting around the lake. Our First Meeting (FR-GR)

For our very first meeting, we decided to take a walk on the lake in Rauhaniemi. It was very sunny but there was lots of wind. And so it was very cold!

So Franziska introduced me to the very basics of German. I learned about the three articles:

  • Die (feminine & plural)
  • Der (masculine)
  • Das (neutral)

And some examples that go with it: der Vater, die Mutter, das Mädchen.

Just as in French, there is no way to know which article belongs to which noun except learning them by heart.

Then, Franziska taught me words related to the family, and the nature that we could see around us: der Baum (the tree), der See (the lake), die Sonne (the sun), der Schnee (the snow). I did the same in French for her.

We focused on the right pronunciation of those words. It was a hard exercise, at least for me, because we weren’t facing each other so I couldn’t hear well what she was saying exactly (especially with the wind) and I didn’t have the word written so I couldn’t read it.

Meeting 10 Tourist attraction


This is our last meeting , we all have  great interest in China and Netherlands after the nine meetings, so we decided to introduce some tourist attraction to help them know more information about it.

China is a so large area that it has plenty of famous tourist attraction, we choose some   most famous places. Like forbidden city , palace museum , the Great Wall, some beautiful ]nature scenery like Mount Huang ,Jiuzhaigou Valley .

Then Ryan and Merlinde told us about  the Renovatile, Rijksmuseum, De keukenhof,and voledam. What impressed me most is the flower field, the Netherlands is famous for their flower. Meanwhile the Amsterdam is also well-known for the Drug and sex, i will visit there in May.

Meeting 9 Chinese BBQ


During the Easter holiday, we held a BBQ party near Finninmäki under a pavilion. We cooperated with each other to prepare the food  and catch the fire, and talk about some interesting thing in our hometown.

Frankly speaking, in China we are not used to cook the bbq by ourselves, we have the  bbq restaurants everywhere so we seldom cook bbq. While the Dutch like to cook by themselves and enjoy the summer

Meeting 8 Festivals and hoidays


We met in the cafe located in the city center and enjoyed the sunshine and tea. In China our festivals origin from some folk tale and our families will gather together and eat some traditional food. Well, the Dutch festivals seem to be more modern and Christian.

Chinese festivals, we told them a lot, but the most interesting thing is the secret about Chinese new year. We young Chinese actually did not play lion dance and  only some elder guys knew how to do it. But our government want to protect it,the government have a fund to encourage people to learn it.

Dutch festivals are cooler than ours. Like music festival, Dutch has lots of Music festival during the year around the all country.Lots of famous Dutch DJ will come back their motherland and join in the festivals.Especially in the summer, people are always join the music festival and drink a lot. The other interesting festival is the king’s day to celebrate the King ‘s birthday, people will all wear in orange and go to the bar , drink a lot.

Meeting 7 Sauna

It was fun to have a meeting with the our dutch friends to enjoy the Finnish sauna, although this not our first time to go to the sauna , we still loved to enjoy the sauna. In China we also had the sauna, but we never jumped into lake and swam. So it is an amazing experience for us.During the sauna, we also  talked about our different shower style in our countries. In northern China, people would like to go to bathhouse in winter.

By the way , we also enjoy the exposure to sunshine and the cool wind.

Meeting 6 Daily greetings

4 .4. 2019

Today we discussed about the some daily greetings of both Chinese and dutch like good morning and hello. I found that these dutch words are very similar with English words like goedemorgen(good morning) . However, some pronunciation characters are different from English and did not exist in Chinese, like”g” pronounce “h”, use your throat to pronounce, i guessed.

When we taught  our friends Ryan and Merlinde Chinese characters we just used the way our teacher helped us learn to write Chinese. i will show it in picture.

Meeting 5 Dutch food


After having the Chinese dinner, we decided to taste some dutch food. Actually i was a little disappointed at first, because when we went to eat, i found that most of dishes are something with mashed potatoes , but when i taste them, they are quite delicious. Especially the apple mash potatoes, the texture is very crispy. We also tasted the Heineken beer(dutch beer) . In Chinese, we called it”xili” , it is totally different pronuniciation . Some other impressive food like pancake is also delicious.

Chinese-Dutch-Last meeting.


That day, we had our tenth meeting with all group members and we shared the most famous  scenic spots. Traveling normally brings you with some new horizions and good mood. Besides, you are able to know the history and culture from their architectures.

The Great Wall is one of the most typical and popular tourist attractions in China which was built to defence invaders from north area. And we have an old saying related to it.”One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero.” We also talked about other spots.

Then, Ryan and Merlin talked about their attractions. Even we are in China, Dutch windmills and tulips are quite popular and probably a large amount of tourists prefer visiting them. But Dutch has their special spots as well. The Red Lght District is nothing special in their eyes, but for example, it is illeagel and forbidden in China.

Chinese and Dutch, travelling

The last meeting topic is mark places for travelling on China and Dutch, and we chose library as our meet area. I thought we both have a good talking at that time, and a paradox feeling hit my head,one the one hand, it is pretty nice for the ending the each one teach one course because of i finished and can gain the credits, on the other hand, also a little sad due to say see you next time as we know that may have no chace any more.

I remember the Renovatile, Rijksmuseum, De keukenhof,and voledam clearly about the events and funny things, for example, both china and netherland created some  celebrations and small festival for tourists. Another one, is german prefer to go to Dutch for enjoying sea beach, shining , and dutch close to sea side with comforatable wind at spain beach.

In the end, i recommened the Terracotta Army in xi an and got the Red light  street at Amsterdam as reswarding.

XIAN, CHINA – OCTOBER 06: Terracotta Army, a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, on 06 October 2016, in Xian, Shaanxi, China. (Photo by studioEAST/Getty Images)                      


Mennään kahville / Let’s go for a coffee (FIN-RUS)

The spring has come and we can spend more time outside! Today was our 9th meeting I’m so interested in the architecture style of Tampere and we decided to go to Tampereen Tuomiokirkko. There are exist a lot of brochures in different languages. It looks really amazing if outside so much light and inside the mosaics become brightness as you can see on the photo.

Then we have visited a local Kahvila Runo. The atmospheric was so cozy and pretty. So I knew about the new places in Tampere and Ranja little bit practiced her Russian language skills.