Chinese-Dutch/Chinese food


Today, we Chinese people cooked a big dinner for our Dutch friends. For me, I cooked fried meat with vegetables and a little amount of  chills. (but most of them said it was too spicy  >.<) I served (not cooked, just heated) them Chinese sausage that I brought from China. The sausage is mainly made of pork meat and very little ginger was added as ingredient as well.And I still remembered Ryan said he liked that sausage.

Other Chinese guys cooked spicy chicken, fried rape, broccoli with garlic, and also Chinese dumplings. At the beginning, our foreign friends tried to make dumplings themselves but it was a little difficult for them.

It seemed that everyone enjoyed Chinese cuisine. After dinner, we talked about traditional Chinese food that we didn’t make that night and compared the differences of Chinese cuisine among different parts of China.

Then, we did the cleaning….


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