Fourth meeting and intense learning session!!

I met today (3rd of April) with Joona for our fourth meeting. We met at school before our lessons starts and it was an intense learning/teaching time today!

  • Learning outcomes: Joona taught me about comparative today… This was pretty challenging because I did not know that there are so many way to compare things in Finland, but it was so rich in knowledge! I feel so much more comfortable talking now that I know how to talk about comparative and how to say that I want to do something better for instance. I was really interesting to learn this!!
  • Teaching outcomes: I taught Joona today about some useful words in Paris about drinks, and how to request for something. We mainly focused on restaurant words, and polite way of asking for drinks at the bar or asking for a table at the restaurant. We also studied the French grammar a little bit and the gender of the words. This was really interesting for me as I realized how hard it is to learn and teach French to someone else. Overall I think that this was a great time 😀

Can´t wait for the next session as we are going to spend some time on a cruise ship with other Finnish friends and we will focus on culture side of Finland and France 😊

It was a great session and I am looking forward to the next one!

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