My diving into Finnish music!

I love music so much! I suppose during all our life people listen music and it’s like soundtracks of their life, that’s why I think that music could say a lot about person, because it shows what the person has in his mind, so tell me what you listen, and I could tell you who you are 😀

Selina knows how I’m in passion with music, that’s why one spring evening she invited me to the concert. So, it was a concert of Ville Leinonen, unfortunately, before, i have never heard about him, but I really fall in love with his music and guitar! Unfortunately, I don’t have any foto, and videos don’t want to upload(

But here a lot of good stuff:
Selina also invited 4 her friends, and one of th learned Russian at school and university, that’s why we have a really good plenty of material for juicy discussion. We used the simplest words and Selina said that she understood a bit, after I tried to listen their conversation, but I was not successful 😅
But! What I did?
I introduced myself and asked about names of musical instruments (kitara, rummut, saksofoni, mikrofoni)!
Fantastic evening with pleasant music and friendly people!

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