Chinese-Dutch/daily greeting


Today, we met at the cafe area next to the campus shop of TAMK. As we decided before, we talked about daily greeting in the two languages.

We Chinese guys taught Ryan and Merlin how to say “GOOD MORNING””GOOD AFTERNOON””GOOD EVENING””GOOD NIGHT”EXCUSE ME””SORRY” and how to write them in Chinese. I wrote the orders of how to write every Chinese characters.(in Chinese, it is called “笔顺”) . Here are the pictures of the “order” and Ryan’s handwriting. (The left one is mine, and the other one is Ryan’s) I have to say, Ryan’s handwriting is quite good because it is his first time to write Chinese characters.👍

Then, we were taught daily greeting in Dutch. Compaerd with Chinese, it is easier to write but it is more difficult to pronounce comparing with English.






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